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The Chinese face massage

The 70-minute treatment is composed of different phases: face cleansing, massage of the face five areas, application of the mask and final cleansing. The customer is lying down, with a small pillow under her/his head, hair wrapped up in a towel to avoid smearing by creams and masks.

We then start with cleansing, using natural, delicate detergents to clean the face from pollution and smog, as well as from make-up, if there is any.  The cleansing cream is applied with soft and circular movements on face and throat and it is left to act while the face is being gently massaged. The moves are gentle, circular frictions over all  the face areas and are repeated until the skin is clean, then the cleansing cream is removed by  means of little warm sponges. A soft scrub follows to remove the dead cells: the pores become free and clean and are allowed to absorb the nourishing elements present in the cream used in the following phase. At this moment the real face massage can start.

In this phase about 25 types of handling on the Five Areas of the face are carried out, consisting in pressure, friction, tapping, deep rotation, traction and kneading, in addition to fan-like handling on face and neckline. Then the main Acupoints of the face Meridians are stimulated.

Once the face treatment is over, a mask accurately chosen in accordance with the needs of the skin is applied. In this phase the massage will move to head, hair, nape, shoulders to loose tensions; to hands and feet - important areas, as well – in order to treat the whole circuit of the energetic Meridians. The operator here can stimulate specific points to readjust the general energetic balance, giving the treatment a holistic value. A final cleansing, which removes the mask and leaves the skin toned up, will end the  treatment.

The intensity of the handling is regulated according to the specific sensitivity of each area and individual, though, generally, the Chinese face massage is delicate, soft, continuous and deep. It takes place in a cozy room, that will let the customer trust to the caressing movements of the operator’s hands; the light is soft, the temperature pleasant. In this way relaxation becomes really deep.

The Chinese  face massage is immediately effective, ensures visible results after just one session, cancels the marks of fatigue or tensions from the face and gives brightness to the skin.

The relaxing and anti-age effect can be obtained by means of a fortnight treatment.

To preserve the face beauty and wellbeing more sessions are needed, so as to be able to carry on an intense work meant to tone up the tissues and to better the skin tropism. At the beginning two sessions a week for some weeks are recommended, later they become weekly.