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How, where, when to do tuina massage


As the tuina massage is performed directly on the skin, sometimes interposing a sheet, the location of the tuina massage must be warm and cosy and it is good to have ready a blanket and a small pillow; it is also important to have hot hands! The person receiving the tuina treatment must not wear necklaces, bracelets, watch or similars, and must have void stomach. The sanitary conditions must be perfect and it is absoluty necessary for the tuina operator to wash hands accurately before and after each massage and to have well cut and clean nails. As we already explained, it is important for the tuina operator to have a good psycho-phisical equilibrium before practicing a massage; to achieve which some Qigong exercises can help. For the same reason it is better not to do a treatment if these equilibria and wellnes are missing, or/and when the health operator conditions are not good.

We cannot give a "scheme" of a Tui na treatment as the choice of the manoeuvres, their sequence and other indications change, according to the way we want or need to address the Energy during the treatment. In the Section "the five body areas" we anyway suggest a basic tuina treatment for the different body areas, to be used as a starting point for a treatment. Other techniques must be added, according to the person's needings.

The frequency and lasting of tuina treatements, so as their number, dipends upon many factors. Usually in case of acute illness we practice short (25-30 minutes) and frequent treatments, also daily or more times during the same day, while in presence of chronic diseases the treatment is practiced weekly or bi-weekly, each massage of about 40-50 minutes. Tui Na also intends to educate the client to self-massage, so to improve the results and diminish the need of the operator intervention.