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The main Tuina manoeuvres


Tui Na is make up of many manoeuvres, often combined. If with the term manoeuvre we mean the way to use one's hands to achieve a certain effect, we must also say that such techniques are fitted to the body area we are treating and so, also keeping the same name, they are differently executed. E.g., a finger pression is very different if made on the back or on the internal eye corner, or, still, when made with the elbow on the glutaei; but it is always a pression technique.

Generally speaking we can distinguish different kinds of tuina manoeuvres according to the different areas of application:
- on the points of the Energetic Channels, the ones also used in acupuncture;
- along the way of the Energetic Channels;
- upon areas or body districts.

Tui na also includes mobilizations, or Yao Fa, slow round joints movements, and manipulations, or Ban Fa, quick sub-dislocations, so as massage done with feet.

Furthermore, the tuina massage must be sweet and lovely, energic when we need to spur vigorously, continous, without rough or sudden movements that could interrupt the armony of the treatment, and deep, that means working on the energetic structure of the person

The effect of the tuina manoeuvres, their execution and the Tuina videos

Do you want see all tuina monouvres togheter in a short video? Click here!

An Fa Video Gun Fa Video
An Rou Fa Video Kou Fa Video
Ba Shen Fa or Lei Fa Video Mo Fa Video
Bo Fa o Tan Bo Fa Video Na Fa Video
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Dou Fa Nie Fa and Nie Ji Fa
Fen Fa or Fen Tui Fa Video