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The action of the Chinese face massage

The Chinese face massage acts mainly on three levels:

on the skin:

- it eliminates the dead cells from the skin;

- betters breathing and blood circulation

- helps the coming out of sebum and sweat, enhancing the skin brightness;

on the muscles:

-it increases the quantity of blood in the muscles, nourishing them better;

-enhances and reinforces the contractible activity of the muscles, improving their flexibility. It prevents  muscle and ligament pathologies;

on blood circulation and lymphatic system:

- it increases the blood vessels delivery, allowing a bigger quantity of nourishment to flow,  bettering the quality of the skin and eliminating toxins;

- increases the speed of lymphatic circulation. Bacteria, viruses and toxins are eliminated more quickly;

- eliminates liquors from the tissues and gives consistency to the skin structure;

- eliminates face swelling.

Moreover, it acts n the nervous system, relaxes the body and acts on the internal  organs through the acupoints of the skin.