Training in Taiji Quan and Qi Gong

I’ve been practising  Taiji Quan and Qi Gong since 1993; over six years of study from 1994 with Necla Humbarachi  - pupil of Grant Muradoff - have been my most meaningful. I’ve been able to improve the style Yang 108 movements following her lessons and participating in her weekly summer stages near the Monastery of Camaldoli. In the succeeding years I have regularly attended courses and stages at the " European Institute of Tai Who Chuan" and in seminars of Qi Gong held by Them Xiao Ming. In 2002 I have reached the seventh level of the course of Therapeutic Qi Gong.

From 2002 studying Taiji Quan developed by Wu Dao Gong.

From 2009 I’m currently studying style Yang 24 and 108 movements with Master Richard Ellis.