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Training in TCM and Tuina

I attended the biennial course of Traditional Chinese Medicine held by Prof. Morandotti and Doctress Bellemo, then the biennial school of Tui Na by the School of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture of Van Nghi in Florence.

After the diploma I attended the advanced seminar on "Tui Na for shoulder pathologies" held by Gianni Trimboli. I participated in the seminar on "Tui Na and Chinese Phytotherapy for treatment of trauma" held by Dr. Zippelius.

I attended an advanced course of Tui Na at the Academy of Chinese Medicine of Dr. Secondo Scarsella, held by the Prof. Jin Hong Zhu, deputy manager of the Acupuncture and Tuina Department at the University of TCM of Nanchino, and by Scarsella himself.

I attended a course of "Aesthetical Face Massage according to the principles of Chinese Medicine" held by Teacher Ding Xiao Hong, of the Nanjing International Acupunture Training Center; in the same year I attended an intensive course of pediatric Tui Na held by Prof. Liu Xueqian at the superior institute of Chinese Medicine of Villa Giada in Rome.

I've undertaken with Franco Bottalo the study of the Extraordinary Vessels according to the theachings of J. C. Yuen, then the seminars of Qi Shu massage (Art of the Extraordinaries). I also attended the Triennial Master of Specialization in Oriental Energetic Disciplines at the DEO institute of Milan, ending the course on the Secondary Channels in 2004. I followed a seminar on the treatment of the wrinkles in TCM held by Ding Xiao Hong at the academy of Chinese Medicine at L'Aquila and took part in the seminar of Jeffrey C. Yuen, concerning the Imperial School methodologies, and held at AMSA, a Medical Association for Acupuncture studies in Rome.

Always in 2004 I participated in two seminars held by Doctor Qiao Wen Lei: the first one at L'Aquila, "The real AhShi points", the second one in Rome, "Wrists and tongue in MTC". Then I attended a seminar held in Milan by Leung Kwokpo on "Differential diagnosis according to Qi, Blood and organic Fluids"

In 2005 I kept following the meetings and confereces held by Leung Kwokpo in Milan; in particular, "Diagnosis according to Zang-Fu", "Complex syndromes" and "The Shen". In the same year I end my master on Acupunture Points (IDEO Association). From November 2005 and February 2006 I have the opportunuty of training in clinic acupunture supervision and tuina in China, Nanchino, by the hospital associated with the International Training Center of the CTM University.

In 2007 I attended a course held by Prof. Tian Hong on abdomen tuina.

In 2009 I attend Garoli’s Master’s Course in electro acupressure, a Master’s Course of “Tuina applications in Bi syndromes” and a Master’s Course of “Tuina applications in gynecology”, both given by Doctor Vito Marino.